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yooo people that are saying that anaconda and all about that bass are “offensive to skinny people” or “skinny shaming” really need to chill the fuck out. we live in a society that fucking glorifies skinny people all over the place and stigmatizes and oppresses bigger people, so i think y’all can…

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can we just pretend tom riddle was on the slytherin quidditch team??

tom riddle with rough, strong hands, and tom riddle with slight muscular arms and predominant veins that are only ever visible when he rolls up the sleeves on his jumper, and tom riddle and his curls unwravelling in the wind as he flies, whipping against his perfectly angled cheekbones

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What’s even more amazing than Cas just going through Dean’s shit is Dean not actually bitching at him about it.

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Dean’s text posts: part I

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Dean’s text posts: part I, II

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My favorite supernatural related tumblr post: part 1

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Jensen Ackles at Vegascon 2014, click for full resolution ©

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